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About Cheeese

Bottom-up feedback

Each employee responds simply and directly according to the rhythm and the format that they choose: mobile app, web view, email, daily or weekly alerts...Cheeese combines the flexibility and the fluidity of a resolutely user-centric approach.

Mutual transparency

A veritable individual resource center, Cheeese offers the possibility for each employee to self-reflect, to benefit from insights and advice, and above all to situate themselves with respect to their colleagues and all of the Cheeese users, in real time.

Use CheeeseChats® to progress

Cheeese analytics are easy to activate.
CheeeseChats® are an innovative, simple and pragmatic form of dialogue with a team. Managers and their teams exchange and share based on concrete data and find solutions to progress.

Well-being according to Cheeese

Cheeese is an optimistic synthesis of the principle intellectual currents and theories of motivation. Through 6 themes and 10 HR action levers, you will find the best of Maslow, Ben-Shahar, Burawoy, Coppereider, Csikszentmihalyi, Fortin, Fernandez-Araos, Gostick, Gruman, Herzberg, Seligman, ...

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How ?

1. Customize Cheeese

Choose your questions from the bank of 201 Cheeese questions. Add your Wednesday questions, personalise your demographic fields, choose your mode of administration...

2. Present Cheeese to your employees

Cheeese is not a descending survey. Cheeese is a resource center for your employees. Each person will respond as they see fit. Flyers, posters and email templates are available to present Cheeese to your employees.

3. Boost the well-being and motivation of your teams

Cheeese does not help if the results are not analyzed and activated with managers. Discover and set up CheeeseChats®, true moments of collective dialogue and creativity..

Client stories

Thanks to Cheeese

Sebastien Giraud

I use Cheeese as an employee. I love that moment each day when I discover new questions and the accompanying advice.

It’s a great opportunity to reflect on my well-being at work in a simple and optimistic way!

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